Upload Machine

General Guidelines:
  • You are allowed to upload modifications of someone else's machine as long as it is not identical.
  • There is no limitation on what counts as a modification, even a single piece difference is acceptable.
  • If you modify someone else's machine, it is nice (but not required) to give them credit.
  • Do not implement or post extremely offensive concepts (i.e. Holocaust or rape jokes).
  • If possible, please avoid NSFW language and content in the title, description, or images.
  • Moderators will remove any content regardless of rules if it more than "PG-13".

This is the file Besiege makes in your SavedMachines folder.

Machine Type:

If this is not an in-game video of your machine, or contains any NSFW content, it will be removed.

If this is not an in-game image of your machine, it will be removed.