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posted by Ross 6 months ago on MMS
The launching mechanism and recoil-less cannon are fun for just messing around. =D
posted by Ross 6 months ago on F.R.H.E.
Steering with sideways flying spirals, instead of torque steering or making one side go faster than the other, helps pull you into the turn for quicker cornering. Good idea!
posted by Ross 6 months ago on Little Jeep
This is a pretty cool siege engine! If you're using infinite ammo and want to keep the cannon attached, you can replace the wooden block holding the cannon with a grabber.
posted by CommandoTeam 9 months ago on MMS
It is a humble car
posted by CommandoTeam 10 months ago on M-5-
C for the front cannons
posted by CommandoTeam 1 year ago on F.R.H.E.
F.R.H.E . is awesome.