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Controls for walking are Up and Down Arrows
Controls for transforming are Left and Right Arrows
[1], [2] Cannons (X)
Controls for the car are [8], [5] (Up and Down).
[4], [6] (Left and Right).

Recent Comments

posted by JCUDOS 6 days ago on Heil Sieg!
There's a difference between extremely offensive holocaust jokes and not really offensive nazi jokes. If the moderators agree that this is not offensive and don't delete it I think it will be safe for me to upload my Trump transformer that changes into a swastika.
posted by Max190352 1 week ago on Heil Sieg!
It's "Sieg Heil" and not "Heil Sieg"
posted by XzisT 2 weeks ago on Heil Sieg!
Hitler approves

posted by RIDDIK 1 year ago on Mjölnir
thats true
posted by Craftsman 1 year ago on Mjölnir
even it does nothing but if your imagination is so good it will force you to think this hammer maybe destructive.
posted by RIDDIK 1 year ago on Mjölnir
wtf it does nothing dont download it