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posted by Criflore 8 months ago on ! The tornado !
no gravity for fun :D
posted by Roycehellion 8 months ago on Just Y
Vacuums dont do anything is they are pointed at open space.....
posted by Roycehellion 11 months ago on Tankela
i didnt dl, but it looks really cool!
posted by FableEnd 11 months ago on Tankela
Do you mind explaining to me how you got your steering to work that way? I see the wheel attached to the glider part but that doesn't work for me, I then noticed the braces. I have no idea how you got the braces to attach in unattachable places. But I seriously love this machine and the way it works, please keep up the good work.
posted by Blackstone 11 months ago on Direckt car
What is the skin pack ? Good creation !
posted by bersorker 1 year ago on X-win
where s the skin pack?

posted by RED2 1 year ago on DD6
posted by Roycehellion 1 year ago on Look (Test suspantion)
Thank for the the spam; its all shit. please dont post this amount of machines again. its sucks.
posted by Jagadsatriayossa 1 year ago on Tankela
skin non steam pls
posted by 777BERZERKER777 1 year ago on {-Buguy-}
Il a de la gueule!
Bon travail!
posted by 345022817 1 year ago on {-Buguy-}
Best car i even see
posted by 345022817 1 year ago on {-Buguy-}
posted by Criflore 1 year ago on Ultra-Copter
Very stable I love it
posted by Criflore 1 year ago on SPY CarMini
:D I"m French Merci beaucoup
posted by Plasma 1 year ago on SPY CarMini
Now, THIS is amazing. Super compact, VERY fast, goes anywhere you point it, and barely deviates from a straight line. BRAVO!
posted by Criflore 1 year ago on Range Jumper
this vehicle is my own idea

posted by 1337Wings 2 years ago on Range Jumper
This looks remarkably similar to something I made...
Are you SURE that this was your own idea, or did you borrow from me?
If you did, credit where credit is due, and if you didn't, then it's all cool, it just seems coincidental is all.
Oh well.