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IMPORTANT : You need a keyboard with number pad to fly this plane. Fly this in Barren Expense

Basic Controls
??? ? = Throttle, Brake + Spoilers, Yaw left or right ( Numpad 0 to retract Spoilers)
Numpad 5,8,4,6 = Up, Down, Left Right
Numpad Enter, + = Elevator Trim Up or Down
U,H,K = Taxiing throttle, Tiller Left or right
Numpad *,- = Landing Gear Up or Down

Instructions ( if you don't know how to fly a real plane. )
To takeoff, first hold down "Enter" and "0" key on your number pad for 1 second. Then hold "Uparrow" and "5" ( on num pad ) and the plane will go into the air. Hold "*" ( on num pad ) to retract landing gear. ( "-" key to drop it )
If the aircraft keeps pitching up or down, press Numpad Enter or + to adjust.

Instructions ( if you know how to fly a real plane )
Elevator controlled by Numpad 8 and 5, ailerons by 4 and 6 and rudder by ? and ?. Numpad Enter and + is for elevator trim.
Rotation speed is 130km/h or 70kias, Vref is 100km/h or 54kias, land with Vref + 10kts.
Avoid bank over 10 degrees, turn with full rudder. Make sure tiller is centered before takeoff roll, landing.
Vmo = 310km/h or 167kias
Warning : This aircraft has very high drag and thus does not glide very well and stall easily with engines at idle.
Stall Recovery Procedure : Center Elevator trim, apply full thrust, pitch down. Do NOT pitch down to over -5 degrees. Doing so may cause overspeeding and damage airframe structure.
Flare carefully, this aircraft is very prone to floating.

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posted by Henry 1 week ago on Airbus A380-800
Well, the A380 plus is built to mainly improve fuel efficiency which obviously is not a concern in Besiege. It's basically the exact same plane with a larger winglet so it would not be much different from this one. Therefore you can easily modify it yourself if you want to. I don't want to upload 2 nearly identical projects to avoid confusion.
posted by se77e 1 week ago on Airbus A380-800
can u build an a 380 plus ?
posted by Henry 1 week ago on Boeing 787
Try running it a 50% speed or update game to v0.60
posted by madman 2 weeks ago on Boeing 787
Couldn't run in my com

because it's too bigggggg