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posted by WarNoob 3 weeks ago on K33-4 Fairless

posted by tukan165 1 month ago on Waffenträger-Kz100_K2tX-GC
Congratulations, Renat, i know you built it, i recognize tracks. gun 100 held by 99999999power watercannons? oi dats cheating.
posted by ADBOSm 6 months ago on Pz-Ic
posted by KusanagiYuu 6 months ago on Pz-Ic
oh god finally someone build the pzkpfw 2 instand like x3
waited so long for it :D
posted by dafishy4 8 months ago on Tank base type-3
Nice chassis but it might be a tiny bit block heavy for those (like myself) who have low end computers