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posted by Rober 3 weeks ago on KV-2
YA zdes!11
posted by ADBOS 1 month ago on KV-2
im going to gulag
posted by Kurtzwagen35 9 months ago on Luchs Tank
Welcome to WoT :)
posted by ZEDD2317 1 year ago on Heavy MKI
well i based it on the tiger II, but it isnt. because the tiger 2 (king tiger) has slanted side armor which i can't seem to put because it glitches the tracks and makes it unable to move and the turret is a mix of the henschel and porsche turret of the tiger II. correction it was designed in 1943 and produced till 1945.
posted by CrazyBrorry 1 year ago on KV-2
Ruskie koti zdes?
posted by ADBOS 1 year ago on Heavy MKI
helo I'm adbos nice tank but the tank is made in gearmany and its called tigger its a heavy tank invated in 1942 as I thing in the world war 2
posted by madman 1 year ago on KV-2
Cyka Blyat!
posted by madman 1 year ago on KV-2
For motherland!!!
Cyka nlyat