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posted by arturbor 3 weeks ago on robot arm killer
orangindo, thanks, sorry for ignoring your comment and thanks for those good tips!!!
posted by OrangIndo 3 months ago on robot arm killer
Hey. You seems like a pretty creative guy. Here some tips to make your creation better

-Try to reduce the amount of blocks you use by making a block bigger using the scaling mod and the NoBounds mod. Too many blocks being used can cause lag and makes your creation heavier.

-Also, don't heavy-brace things that doesn't need to be heavy-braced. Too many braces makes your creation heavier because the weight of a brace equals the weight of a single block.

Keep creating things! Your skill will improve overtime! You will get there eventually.
posted by arturbor 3 months ago on real reactive jet fighter
use flamethrover mod
posted by oziboy 3 months ago on jumping sphere
It's jumping because 3 gears can't freaking mesh
posted by Leon445 3 months ago on the STRANGEST creation EVER with video instruction
now that cool like it
posted by Leon445 4 months ago on rally drill truck with great suspencion and nitro
man try use mod it will make better your machine same like before mine like shit now it look real good
posted by oziboy 4 months ago on differencial
This is done way smaller and way more stable man, I even attached it to a RWD frame with full suspension once
posted by Roycehellion 4 months ago on a man and a jeep
why does his user name look like artur's?
posted by Roycehellion 4 months ago on differencial
ew, so ugly for a diff
posted by madman 4 months ago on a man and a jeep
I know dat tiny robot!
It was made by daichi(if i'm not wrong)

It named v24cstrider

Respect other's creation