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posted by Roycehellion 5 months ago on shrapnel engine
teehee! glad people are still building engines! :D
posted by Dzytizz 5 months ago on Steam Engine (boxer)
Nice engine.
If you got some spare time check out my engines too! ^^
posted by madman 8 months ago on king machine

It's confuse meee

My eyes are spinnin'
posted by nate70 8 months ago on king machine
p.s. if your wondering why its named king, its because im running out of names to call these contraptions so i just named it after my pet.
posted by nate70 11 months ago on steam crankshaft
Roycehellion, first off, thank you. Also ive been trying to find the most powerful steam engine and everything on my page is just prototypes for now. Im trying to make the most powerful steam engine and cant really seam to get over this "type" with the weight, slider and swivel setup. And one more thing, i like your designs. Especially your v8
posted by Roycehellion 11 months ago on steam crankshaft
Nate, you have a lot of catching up to do. Check my page fore several dozen designs etc.
posted by oziboy 11 months ago on Steam engine with transmission
The transmission is just a gearbox, it's not switchable whatsoever

as for engine design, well done, nice power output but doesn't pull itself up, reverses when the load is too much
posted by Sanpyr 1 year ago on Steam Pedal
cool design with the steam blocking, good job!